Thursday, May 17

You're So Sweet!

Hello, everyone!  I hope you are doing well. 

We are having so much fun this week at Joy's Life creating "It's so sweet, we could overdose on sugar" projects!  

Here's a "sweet" waterfall card I created! The popsicles are cut from Doodlebug glitter paper to make them even sweeter!!!

Some pics of the card in action as you pull on the tab with the ribbon.  

The stamps I used is from Joy's Yummy Puns stamp set.  She's currently out of stock, but you can pick up your own set here.

This time around, I used Doodle Charms and my Cricut to make this.

Here's a link to a video on how to make these. Below, I've posted a quick video of my card in action! 
 (Sorry that it's blurry if you expand the screen.  Still figuring out how to fix that!) 

 Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate your comments.  Hope you have a creative day!!!


jessica said...

this is so awesome!!

Janice said...

So cute!! I think I've found a new card to try! TFS :)

Michele from MS said...

What a super cute card! I am going to have to try this waterfall technique!